M.S. Herman & Company has the expertise, talent and facilities to completely service every aspect of steam-powered car restoration, preservation, repair and collection management. We accomplish this through a dedication to traditional craftsmanship and hours of study and practice in the field of automotive history as it relates to the steam car era.


We have complete onsite machine shop, coachbuilding, plumbing, assembly and finishing services that enable us to be provide the following:

Restoration / Preservation / Recreation

  • Complete mechanical and cosmetic car restoration of original cars in any condition
  • Preservation of original elements and historic attributes, to conserve their value
  • Re-creation of single components to entire cars to original specifications
  • Performance and safety enhancement
  • Fine finishing of esthetics such as upholstery, paint, pinstriping and brass/bright-work,  with historical accuracy to a show-winning level.

Rebuild / Fabricate Parts and Components

  • Rebuild original mechanical and body parts and components
  • Fabrication of missing parts and components
  • Design and manufacture custom parts

Paint Services 

  • Mixing and color matching
  • Full paint service
  • Pinstriping 
  • Historical accuracy 

Brokering / Consulting and Collection Management

  • Marketing and optimizing sales of individual cars and car collections
  • Purchase planning through identifying and sourcing the right car at best price
  • Consultation and assistance when buying at auction and private sale
  • Assessing car condition for purchase or sale, and evaluate necessary repairs
  • Re-commissioning
  • Show and Tour preparation, management and handling
  • Annual and on-going maintenance, servicing and tune-up work

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