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Fran Gozzi

“Working on early cars requires different skills and mindset from more modern cars.”

Peter Kruger in the shop

What’s your role at M. S. Herman & Company?

I am a machinist and mechanic. I rebuild and fabricate components and work on fit and assembly to ensure everything works as good or better than when originally made.

What has been your favorite project?

My first project in steam was the 1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon. It was an extensive job that require a lot of one off set-ups and machining. It was challenging, but the final product was truly impressive. Working on early cars such as the Mountain Wagon requires different skills and mindset from more modern cars.

What other car interests do you have?

My son and I race a Dirt Sportsman Car at the Orange County Fair Speedway on Saturday nights. We do all of the work on our car ourselves after work, so you can say I'm pretty much always working on a car. 

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