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Mark Herman

“My hobby and my business are one in the same. For me, every day is better than the one before, and all are full of interesting cars, clients and challenges.”

Mark Herman at the forge

How did you come to be the owner of this business?

This business has been a family affair for nearly 50 years. Growing up in Redding, Connecticut, I worked in the family’s custom home building business, but as a kid I’d already started restoring cars alongside my father. I knew very early in life that these passions were a career path for me, which is why I majored in American History, Studio Art and am educated in Preservation Carpentry. My studies serve me well in the restoration business.

Some people are surprised that my mother is also a car enthusiast and has been active in the hobby since the late 1960s. Today she is a member of our local HCCA/AACA club, along with my daughter, Madison, who is the club’s assistant secretary. My other daughter, Lilly, has the “car bug” as well. Both of my girls help in the restoration business in their spare time.

What do you most enjoy about steam car restoration?

I enjoy the research and engineering aspects of restoration, and the historical aspects, of course. At M. S. Herman & Company, we focus on the cars’ historical accuracy and performance without sacrificing our very strong emphasis on safety. I've been blessed with customers who not only enjoy these cars as much as I do, they are also committed to doing things right.

What was the first car you restored?

I've worked on many makes of cars from all eras, but the first steam car restoration was a 1910 Model 60 that I did in 1979 with my father.

Do you have a favorite or memorable project?

I’ve enjoyed many, but most notably it was the restoration of my father’s 1911 Model 63. My father Stuart, now deceased, was an avid collector and loved to restore cars, especially steam cars. The Model 63 was actually our first Stanley.

Do you own any steam cars?

We enjoy owning several beautiful cars: a 1901 Lane, a 1909 Model R, a 1911 Model 62, a 1910 Model 70 and a 1912 Model 87.

Do you participate in events?

I hosted two tours, one in Lakeville, Connecticut and one in Southbury, Connecticut that were both fun and successful. The many Woodstock Vermont tours I've attended are personal favorites, and of course there’s nothing quite like the London to Brighton event and Hershey in the fall.

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